David Clark Company Inc. - Headset Repairs / Warranty

If you have a David Clark Headset that is currently still within the 5 year warranty period, we can carry out your repairs in no time at all!

Simply contact us via our Contacts Page or use the submit form on the right --->

If your headset* is older than 5 years, please contact us for out of warranty repairs at very reasonable rates.

*Some DCCI headset models are discontinued and may not be repairable.

e.g: X11 model headsets are no longer accepted for repair and must be replaced with a compatible model. contact us for solutions.

Submit request to Pacific Avionics 

DCCI Authorised Warranty Repair Centre

DC-One-X ENC Headsets
H10-13.4 DCCI Classic starter headset
H10-13X ENC Headsets Classic Style

DC-Pro-X           DC-One-X                H10-13.4                   H10-13x (ENC) Some popular models shown above.

Send repairs via Australia Post to:

Pacific Avionics Pty Ltd

PO Box CP425


Send via door-to-door couriers:

Pacific Avionics Pty Ltd

Hangar 480, 16 Miles Street


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