Smallest, lightest ELT.
The 406 Compact ELT provides a direct connection to global Search And Rescue (SAR) services when an emergency situation occurs.
The 406 Compact will automatically activate in the event of a crash.

In addition, the pilot can manually activate it via a remote control switch in the panel.
Once activated, the 406MHz distress signal is transmitted continuously, alerting international rescue services to the emergency and your location via the global Cospas-Sarsat Search And Rescue satellite system.
Kannad 406-AF Compact
• Compact size
• 48 hour certified transmission on 406MHz (distress) and
121.5MHz (homing)
• Low cost two wire compatibility when installed with optional control panel
• EASA minor change approval available for most common aircraft
• Optional programming dongle, perfect for fleet operators
• Quick and easy retrofit with universal mounting bracket
• Built-in alarm/buzzer


Designed for easy installation and perfect for retrofit, the 406 Compact is also compatible with a range of optional antennas to suit all aircraft types.


    406 MHz AF-Compact ELT KIT

    SKU: S1840501-02
    • Compact ELT pack includes:

      • Kannad 406 AF Compact ELT
      • Universal Mounting Bracket + strap
      • RC200 Remote Control Switch
      • DIN-12 ELT Connector and Sub D Connector
    • Automatic Fixed Emergency Locator Transmitter with
      G-Switch sensor

      • Two-frequency ELT (121.5 MHz / 406.028 MHz)
      • COSPAS – SARSAT Class 2 (-20°c to +55°c)
      • RTCA DO-160/EUROCAE ED14 Environmental conditions
      • TSO/ETSO Approved
      TSO-C126/ETSO 2C91a, 2C126
      Operating Lifetime:
      Minimum Operational duration at -20°C : over 48 hours on
      121.5 MHz and 406 MHz
      Controls and indicators:
      ARM/OFF/ON switch, Bright red LED, Internal Buzzer,
      Outside Buzzer option
      Part Numbers:
      Compact ELT : S1840501-01
      Compact ELT pack : S1840501-02
      DIN12 socket for remote control panel (RCP) and pin
      programming dongle option, BNC antenna connector
      Replacement Interval every  years, Accessories directly
      powered by ELT battery
      Material: Molded plastic
      Colour: Yellow (Colour compounded)
      Dimensions: Installed with mounting bracket
      175 x 99 x 88.4mm
      (6.89 x 3.90 x 3.40 in.)
      Weight including batteries: Typical 850g (1.873lb)
      Max8.75g (1.929lb)

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