Mode S ES touchscreen transponder that displays ADS-B traffic and weather on itself as well as other compatible panel-mounted displays. Includes Wi-Fi
module for connectivity to tablet flight apps. All Lynx models incorporate an embedded WAAS/GPS.

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Options Available:

  • embedded Terrain Awareness Warning System (eTAWS) or TerrainVisionTM
  • Lynx NGT-9000+ Active Traffic w/ Directional Antenna
  • Lynx NGT-9000+ Active Traffic w/o Directional Antenna
  • Lynx NGT-9000D w/ Antenna Diversity

Lynx NGT-9000 Transponder / Display Base System

SKU: 922-00004-001
  • Contains:

    NGT-9000 Transponder / Display
    Install Kit Straight RF or
    Install Kit Right Angle RF
    Detachable Configuration Module
    Wi-Fi Module PIM-9000
    Install Kit Wi-Fi Interface PIM-9000

    Promo includes - ATAS (ADS-B based Audio Traffic Alerting System)

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