RockAIR Devices from TRACPLUS.

Basic kit (RockAIR, USB cable and clip) 

Pro kit (RockAIR basic + molex 4 pin, molex 6 pin, DO160G, USB cig adapter and NVG filters).


Plans (in USD) included:

Pay as you GO (US$45 per month / US$1995 Device)

Alpha Plan (US $55 per month / US$1500 Device)

Bravo Plan (US $70 per month / US$1250 Device) 

Charlie Plan (US $90 per month / US$1000 Device) 

Delta Plan (US $125 per month) = RockAIR Basic or Pro for FREE

Echo Plan (US $150 per month) = RockAIR Basic or Pro for FREE  


TRACPLUS Pricing,

RockAIR Device PRO

  • Expect 2-3 days to receive your device.

    Local stock is  available.

  • Plug and go, or;

    Talk to us about installing your device.


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