A high-resolution real-time tracking and 2-way messaging device using Iridium satellite and cellular networks for your aircraft.


Now it's more affordable than ever to migrate your entire fleet onto the TracPlus platform - enhancing your operational efficiency and giving you complete situational awareness over all your personnel and resources.


RockAIR Devices from TRACPLUS.

Basic kit (RockAIR, USB cable and clip) 

Pro kit (RockAIR basic + molex 4 pin, molex 6 pin, DO160G, USB cig adapter and NVG filters).


Plans (in USD) included:

Pay as you GO (US$45 per month / US$1995 Device)

Alpha Plan (US $55 per month / US$1500 Device)

Bravo Plan (US $70 per month / US$1250 Device) 

Charlie Plan (US $90 per month / US$1000 Device) 

Delta Plan (US $125 per month) = RockAIR Basic or Pro for FREE

Echo Plan (US $150 per month) = RockAIR Basic or Pro for FREE  


TRACPLUS Pricing,

RockAIR Device PRO

  • Expect 2-3 days to receive your device.

    Local stock is  available.

  • Plug and go, or;

    Talk to us about installing your device.


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