Slaving Accessory KA51B, Part of KCS55A Remote Compass System

Removed serviceable for an upgrade.


  • Slaving meter used in the KCS-55A compass system which also includes KI-525A HSI, KMT-112 Magnetic Azimuth Transmitter, and KG-102A Directional Gyro
  • Displays slaving error between the KMT-112 and KI-525A by means of small meter movement

Slaving Accessory KA51B

SKU: 071-1242-01
  • SIZE 1.2"W x 2.12"H x 3.00"L WEIGHT: 0.2 lbs.
    TEMPERATURE RANGE: -30 to +55C (operating) TSO: C6c, DO-138 Env. Cat. BAJAAAXXXXXX
    SIGNAL INPUTS: Slaving meter drive signal from the KG-102A SIGNAL OUTPUTS: Magnetic Azimuth Transmitter compensation outputs for North/South and East/West correction. Clockwise and counterclockwise manual slew signals to the KG-102A. Slave/free gyro mode logic signal to KG-102A
    • KA51B, P/N: 071-1242-01 Slaving Accessory (VERTICAL MOUNT) used condition.
    • No installation information (Bendix King proprietary)
    • No mounting hardware.
    • CASA Form 1 ARC documentation.

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