ADSB OUT Simplified

1090 ES ADSB OUT Transponder

Includes in built WAAS GPS receviever for required ADSB Mandate compliance.

It’s a 1090 MHz extended squitter (ES) transponder with built-in WAAS GPS.

Designed to replace legacy transponders, Stratus ESG is a solid state transmitter that provides 310 watts nominal power output.

Its modern keypad makes entering a squawk code easy.

The convenient VFR button minimizes pilot keystrokes.

Stratus ESG is a form-factor replacement for existing transponders — such as the popular KT 76A/C**
— so installation is more time-efficient compared to remote boxes that need to be integrated with your old transponder.

A TSO’d WAAS GPS antenna is included in the kit, and Stratus ESG can reuse
an existing transponder antenna.

It also accepts both serial and parallel (e.g. Gray code) inputs, so you can reuse most altitude encoders.

• Replace old transponder in panel
• Reuse existing transponder antenna
• Reuse existing altitude encoder
• Install WAAS GPS antenna
(included in the kit)
• 1090ES (Mode S extended squitter)
• Built-in WAAS GPS
• Meets global mandates for
ADS-B Out transponders
• Includes connector plate (optionally installed)
which offers connection points for Stratus
portable receivers (for ADS-B In)
• Push-button operation
• Easy-to-use interface
• Pressure altitude monitor



Stratus ESG Transponder

SKU: 153010-000050
    Bezel Height 1.69 in. (43 mm)
    Bezel Width 6.38 in. (162 mm)
    Depth 10.75 in. (273 mm) front of panel to connector backshell
    Weight 3.29 lbs. (1.49 kg) including rack and connectors
    Operating Temperature -20°C to 55°C
    Storage Temperature -55°C to 85°C
    Power Input 9.0 to 36.0 VDC, 15 W typical
    Cooling Input No fan required
    Environmental Compliance DO-160G
    Software Compliance DO-178B Level C
    Hardware Compliance DO-254 Level C
    TSO Compliance* C112e (Level 2els, Class 1)
    C145d (Class Beta 1 GPS/WAAS)
    C166b (Class B1S)
    Display OLED
    Transmitter Power 310 W

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