The TY96A and TY97A radios are a superb slimline 760 channel VHF radios with 25kHz spacing. They are packed with the same pilot friendly features as the TY96 and TY97 and are ideal for pilots flying outside 8.33kHz mandated airspace.

Trig is becoming the standard by which modern aviation radios are judged. Jon Roper, Marketing Manager at Trig said, “We are pleased to announce the launch of our 760 channel VHF 25kHz spacing radios. These are perfect feature rich, pilot friendly radios for GA pilots not requiring 8.33kHz spacing.”

The TY96A and TY97A are the same slimline design as the TY96 and TY97 at only 33mm (1.3”) high. The TY96A is a 10 watt radio, the TY97A is a 16 watt version. These radios have no cooling fans which means they can be easier and cheaper to accommodate in an old stack. With a clear bright display and a superior user interface, Trig’s ‘Better by Design’ ethos is evident within the practical and high-quality design.

The TY96A and TY97A have all the same pilot friendly features as the TY96 and TY97 such as the unique ‘Push Step’ button. This feature ensures the fastest tuning and transition between, 25kHz and 50kHz. Pilots can course tune in 50kHz and then fine tune in 25kHz.

On the TY96A and TY97A frequencies and identifiers are shown, with a flip flop button to make a standby frequency active. The dual watch feature allows monitoring of two frequencies and an Emergency button makes selection of 121.5 instantaneous. Pilots also have access to the extremely popular, ‘Say Again’ feature. This replays up to 30 seconds of the previously received transmission, meaning the pilot can avoid requesting, “Say Again.”

The TY96A and TY97A radios give you flexibility to load over 200 frequencies and identifiers in the radios memory using a USB stick. You can create a database on a PC and load using a CSV file. Each pilot can customise their own frequency list and load it from the USB prior to flight. Of course, there is no database subscription fees – Trig gives the pilot complete control. Finally, a built in two place stereo intercom with support for stereo music ensures quality entertainment options are available.


SKU: 01787-00-01
  • Compliance ETSO 2C169a Class C, 4, ETSO 2C128, TSO C169a Class C, 4, TSO C128a FCC Identification VZI01228

    Applicable documents EUROCAE ED-23C, EUROCAE ED-67, EUROCAE ED- 14F (RTCA DO-160F), RTCA DO-186B, RTCA DO-207 Software ED-12B (RTCA DO-178B) Level B

    Power Requirements 11 – 33 volts DC. Typical 6.3 watts @ 14 volts. Altitude 55,000 feet

    Humidity 95% @ +50C for 6 hours; 85% @ +38C for 16 hours. Tested to Category A in DO-160G

    Operating Temperature -20C to +55C

    Transmitter Frequency 118.000 MHz to 136.992 MHz; 760 channels at 25 kHz spacing.

    Transmitter Power 10 watts nominal carrier power

    Transmitter Modulation 5K6 A3E Stuck-mic timeout 35 seconds Transmitter Duty Cycle 100% transmit is possible (subject to stuck mic timeout)

    Receiver Frequency 118.000 MHz to 136.992 MHz; 760 channels at 25 kHz spacing.

    Receiver Sensitivity < 5uV for 6 dB SINAD AGC Characteristic < 6dB variation 5 uV to 100 mV EMF

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