Thanks to Brad and Trevor of Pacific Avionics for remaining open this week to replace the faulty fan in my GDU620 and for fixing the VSI speed tape that has been showing red since I took delivery of my imported aircraft. Someone had set the speed limits to plus or minus 50 fpm.I will be back soon to have the SB updates performed and maybe with a new photo showing that the tape outline is clear - it is now set to +/- 2000 fpm


Ralph Holland VH-URH




Dear Pacific Avionics team.


I have not had any issues with the work carried out by your organisation, everything works, and the quality of workmanship and lateral thinking on your  installation is to be admired. I am still in the learning phase of all the functions, but have found the GTN 650 GPS very easy to use without very much input from the manuals. The same can be said for the GMA 340 Audio panel and GTN 330 Transponder. The Aspen 1000 MFD information is proving to be very useful,... but this will take a bit of getting used to.

The feedback from other operators of the aircraft on the installation has been very positive.


Kind Regards  Hank (Adept Engineering) (VH-MIG)



Just a quick note about your team mate.

In the last year, I've now had extensive installs, with Zane on XCV & JRA, Brendon on OPA, & Jack on TSO.

What a great team of young blokes! Highly intelligent, 100% helpful, customer orientated, & top quality.

Obviously, Brad, Mox, Steve Ewen / Allen & the rest of your team have rubbed off on these guys. Chris/Leah/Tony all rate a mention too.

I'm rather impressed to say the least Pete.

Thanks for your support Pac-Av, I really appreciate it.

To be honest Pete, I'd pay a few a bucks an hr more if you keep this team to support my "5 star customers"

Regards Steve Hobson



Hello Gents,

VH-SLA (Lifesaver 1) has been operational for over a week and has already carried out it's first rescue of a drowning and near dead rock fisherman who is currently still recovering in hospital.

Attached are a few photo's of the finished product gleaming in the sun this morning...

Once again thank you all very much for your help to get this marathon project finished and back in the air... much appreciated, cheers!!




(Southern Region Surf Life Saving Association - Helicopter Base - Cape Banks)



Just a quick note to thank you and your workers for the excellent job of fitting the Rural Fire Service radios to VH-MND.

Attention to detail makes it look very neat and far and away better than most avionics fitouts I have seen in the last 17 years or so.

Please thank the guys who worked on the job for me.

Best Regards,

Terry McGowan, Chief Pilot

Hunter Helicopter Charters


Schofields Flying Club Newsletter;


"......On fleet matters, by the time you read this Aerobat SRY will be back on-line sporting a fancy new paint job. ............... now sports dual comms, including a Garmin VFR GPS/Comm, along with a new ADF and Garmin audio panel. Club member Peter Flanagan of Pacific Avionics did a great job in getting this package together......." - CFI Patrick Watson (Read More Sept. 2007 Newsletter)

Schofields Flying Club Ltd - 1 Tower Road Bankstown Airport 2200 (PO Box 200, Georges Hall, NSW 2198 AUSTRALIA) Phone: +61 2 9773 3611 Email:



Attention: Mr Peter Flanagan


"I would like to express my satisfaction with the installation of the Avidyne and Garmin 530 equipment in my Baron 58 aircraft VH-NSS by Pacific Avionics staff members. Thank you for providing such a wonderful solution for my aircraft. It has been such a pleasure having an avionics company that actually makes the whole upgrade process so easy.

Before the upgrade to my aircraft my level of situation awareness was much more limited in the following areas;

I had no TCAS to help me spot traffic.

Although my radar worked, it's display was unreliable and old fashioned and flying in bad weather was more stressful.

I had no moving map display or depiction of airspace.

I had no terrain awareness display.

I had no redundancy or duplication of navigation displays or data.

GPS approaches required much more personal interpretation and workload.

My old GPS was not intuitive and required a lot more button pushing and memory.

Since your installation I now have a much higher level of safety generated by a high level of situation awareness and ease of operation and navigation whilst performing multiple tasks.

The benfits of this amazing technology have to be experienced to be believed - whilst flying along with all this information at your fingertips you think "wow! this really makes flying so enjoyable, especially when you have bad weather, complicated airspace and want to stay out of trouble."

I also operate a 2003 model Citation Bravo Jet and I often think that the situational awareness I now have in my Baron is quite a lot better than that provided by the EFIS system in this business jet.

The Radar display in the Avidyne is superb, as is the TCAS, terrain awareness and Navigation data display in both the Avidyne and the Garmin 530.

Also the interface you did between the existing King Auto-Pilot and the new Garmin GPS untilising Roll Steering technology, works very well, both during on-route and NPA procedures and I can sit back and check the Autopilot follow the GPS instructions.

Should you have any other aircraft owners who would like to know the value of you work in my aircraft, let them know that they can call me on...........Thank you Pacific Avionics for making the seemingly difficult process of such a major avionics upgrade easy for me as an aircraft owner and a busy person. At all times I felt confident in your abilities and experience. Thank you so much !!!


Dr Sandra Cabot McRae"


Dear Peter,


As I have now had time to complete several flights in my Baron (95-B55) following the avionics upgrade, I thought it appropriate to give you some feedback on the installation.

The benefits of the new panel have been extremely useful on several single pilot IFR days in some ordinary weather that we have had recently.

The Avidyne display, incorporating the weather radar interface was particularly effective in freeing up panel space, and the Chartview feature is the best situational awareness display I have experienced over a fair range of aircraft.

Also, the redundancy feature of having two GPS units available for display on the Sandel provides a lot of confidence in the system.

I would also like to comment on the commitment of Pacific to get all the aspects of the system running as intended, and on that note the Roll Steering after the recent adjustment is now working just perfectly.

Thank you to yourself and all of the Pacific Avionics staff for making my flying so much safer, and feel free to give my mobile number (Contact Us) to any owners considering an upgrade.




Ken Devenish.


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