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For the Home Builder, Light Sport Enthusiasts and lover of Experimental category aircraft, customise your aircraft or design your kit around the latest Avionics for the ultimate situational awareness while enjoying your flying everyday.

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  • Garmin Ammeter, Shunt (Experimental)

    AUD $79.95 
  • Garmin Fuel Flow Transducer (Experimental)

    AUD $399.00 
  • Garmin G3X™ System Sensor Kit, High Performance (Experimental)

    AUD $4,535.00 
  • Garmin G3X™ System Sensor Kit, Standard (Experimental)

    AUD $2,445.00 
  • Garmin G5 Battery Pack (Experimental)

    AUD $380.00 
  • Garmin G5 Installation Kit w/ Lightning Protection Module (Experimental)

    AUD $185.00 
  • Garmin GA 56 Low-Profile Antenna (Experimental)

    AUD $615.00 
  • Garmin GAD 13 Conn Kit, 9 PIN w/ CAN Term, PMA (Experimental)

    AUD $75.00 
  • Garmin GAD 13, FAA-PMA, Unit Only (Experimental)

    AUD $240.00 
  • Garmin GAD 27 (Experimental)

    AUD $815.00 
  • Garmin GAD 27 Conn Kit (Experimental)

    AUD $170.00 
  • Garmin GAD™ 29C (Experimental)

    AUD $745.00